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1 Regular + Premium visiting cards sample
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₹98 Order
2 Luxurious Sticker Sample kit
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₹118.8 Order
3 Banner Printing Material Kit
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₹398 Order item price
4 Offset Printing Material Kit
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5 Pro Premium Offset Printing Material Kit
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Offset Printing Material Kit

Total 48 Materials

12 Business Card Material (6 Process) + 11 Letter Pad Material + 14 Envelops Material + 3 File Material (4 Process) + 4 Stickers + 3 Leaflet + 1 Bag (5 Process) 

Business card Material 

[1] Regular NT Card  [2] Premium NT card  [3] Regular 250 Gsm Art Card  [4] Premium  250 Gsm Art Card  [5] Regular 350 Gsm Art Card  [6] Premium  350 Gsm Art Card  [7] Elite Card  [8] 320 Gsm POP Card  [9] 370 Gsm Velvet Card  [10] 370 Gsm Pearl card  [11] Regular 400 Gsm Card  [12] 450 Gsm Burly Card

Business card Process

[1] Gloss Lamination   [2] Matt Lamination    [3] Spot   [4] Gold Foil   [4] Silver Foil   [5] Die Cut (08 Shapes)   [6] Texture   

Letter pad Material

[1] Regular Sunshine 80 Gsm   [2] Regular Sunshine 100 gsm    [3] Premium Sunshine 100 Gsm [4] Regular Alabaster 100 Gsm   [5] Premium Alabaster 100 Gsm   [6] Regular Executive Bond 80 Gsm   [7] Regular Executive Bond 100 Gsm   [8] Premium Executive Bond 100 Gsm  [9] Premium Paper One 80 Gsm   [10] Premium Art Paper 90 Gsm   [11] Premium Art Paper 130 Gsm

Envelope Material

[1] Regular Sunshine 80 Gsm   [2] Regular Sunshine 100 gsm    [3] Premium Sunshine 100 Gsm [4] Regular Alabaster 100 Gsm   [5] Premium Alabaster 100 Gsm   [6] Regular Art Paper 100 Gsm   [7] Regular Art Paper 130 Gsm   [8] Premium Art Paper 130 Gsm

Envelope Sizes

[1] 9.25" X 4.25"   [2] 8.12" X 5.12"   [3] 9.25" X 12.25"

File Material

[1] 350 Gsm Art Card   [2] 250 Gsm Art Card  [3] PP 0.3 MM

Sticker Material

[1] Hotmail Without Lamination   [2] Hotmail With Lamination  [3] Opeque White   [4] Transparent

Leaflet Material

[1] 90 Gsm Art Paper   [2] 130 Gsm Art Paper    [3] 170 Gsm Art Paper

Bag Material

[1] 250 Gsm Art Paper

 Banner Printing Material Kit

Total 31 Materials

6 Flex Material + 3 Eco Flex Material + 9 Vinyl Material + 12 Eco Vinyl Material + 1 One-way Vision

Flex Material 

[1] China 200 Gsm   [2] Super 200 Gsm   [3] Back Black 240 Gsm   [4] Star 300 Gsm   [5] Backlit China 440 Gsm   [6] Backlit Star 440 Gsm

Eco Flex Material

[1] China 200 Gsm   [2] Super 200 Gsm   [3] Back Black 240 Gsm 

Vinyl Material

[1] 80 Mic.   [2] 80 Mic. Matt Lamination   [3] 80 Mic. Gloss Lamination   [4] LG 120 Mic.   [5] LG 120 Mic. Matt Lamination   [6] LG 120 Mic. Gloss Lamination   

Vinyl Material

[1] Matt 80 Mic.   [2] Glossy 80 Mic.   [3] 80 Mic. With Glossy Lamination   [4] 80 Mic. With Matt Lamination   [5] LG 120 Mic. Matt    [6] LG 120 Mic. Glossy   [7] LG 120 Mic. With Matt Lamination   [8] LG 120 Mic. With Glossy Lamination   [9] Transparent Matt   [10] Transparent Glossy   [11] 80 Mic. With Sparkle Lamination   [12] LG 120 Mic. With Sparkle Lamination

What are the things one must check in a printing firm?

1. Techniques employed by the printing service

Many printing services these days employ new and modern printing techniques. Before you pick a company, see that it has counteracted abilities and a complete finishing department. You might have individual needs for the assignment; hence seek out if the company has the gear and specialized staff to fetch them on the website. Get in touch with the services to make certain that you are not dissatisfied with the finished outcome.

2. The handiness of service provided by the firm

Your business would have an array of print marketing requisites. While you require flyers, menus, and brochures, the services must offer all the products. Many printing products have a specific design, and the printing service must have a solution to tailor your project. Hence, if you have miscellaneous items for printing, always ensure that they hold the domestic abilities to produce them.

3. The status of the printing company

It is necessary to consider the status of the printing company. The status of any printing company is formed or ruined by its provisions. Printing provisions that do thorough work and bringing orders on time would likely enjoy a superior position. Moreover, a firm with less experienced staff and does not have classy equipment might not be preferred by customers. The best printing services enjoy healthy client ratings and would have loads of customers depending on their products and services.

4. The turnaround period needed for orders

This is particularly vital while you need the marketing materials to send on time. Always understand the production time which is required to place your order so you can meet your deadline. The excellent printing service would provide multiple production turnarounds on all projects as they understand how to attain rigid deadline. If you depend on the firm to offer designs, you might take longer to get the end product. Knowing the time limit which is needed for the design would assist you on time. Remember, the more time you permit, the less costly the project would charge.

5. The client service offered by a known company

While you ask for a reference, and they respond punctually, and you attain all the details demanded, this is a sign that the firm values your business. Prior to placing your orders, contact and check how the personnel reply to your queries regarding your approaching project. The ideal printing services which provide unwavering attention to your necessities are expected to offer proficient services too. Ask them to give you printing samples or paper stocks for you to see before you buy.

The perks of choosing Tagsen services

We provide made-to-order packaging and labelling design service resulting in a well-intended kit reducing website faults throughout sample compilation. Besides that, have customized labelling that allows effortless recognition of patient samples, elements, and kit detail. We even have optimized delivery channels for keeping sample reliability throughout delivery.

Our protocol-specific delivery documentation and labelling speeds up the delivery procedure and lessens transportation mistakes. Range of optimized delivery channels for ensuring the rapid return of printing samples tracking for ensuring any delays in shipping are highlighted and contingencies set in position. Also, we have the service of a committed supply chain group to assist clinical websites for the time span of the medical trial


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