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What are the business cards?

Business cards are note sized cards that have the information of a company or the individual handed them. The card contains a formal introduction of the said person or the business and works as the memory aid. Business cards usually contain the name of the giver, the company, or business affiliation. Business cards also have information like a street address, telephone numbers, email address, phone numbers, website details (if any). They also have social media addresses like handles of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Traditionally the business cards were in white and had simple black text on them, but now as the world has revolutionized, so have the designs. Now the cards represent the business as well as the person.

Business card printing

A box of business cards at a time can be a boost of confidence, but to gain that, the card has to be perfect. The business card printing involves uploading the design, choosing the paper you require, aligning the design, and then choosing the card's thickness. Once all this is done, finalize the product, and voila its made and delivered to you.


If you think that a business card is just about writing the name and details of your business on a card, then theoretically, you are correct, but practically, your business cards wouldn’t yield many results.

Think about it, why would someone stop and read your business card and then bother to keep your card with them? People would only do this if your card is appealing enough and can strike a chord with them. A plain card with a few texts isn’t going to do it for you. So here are a few tips on how to create an effective business card for yourself or your business-

1. Use pleasant colors on your card

78% of people find colored cards more memorable than plain white cards. Now, this does not mean that you turn your card into a rainbow. Use about 2-3 colors in good combinations. Even if you do wish to go for a plain white card for a more formal look, then use contrasting colors for the text, logo, and design.

2. Mention all relevant information and details

This is the main purpose of a business card. So, ensure that you mention all the necessary details like your name, company’s name, profession or services offered, contact details, handles of any social media platforms, your logo, slogan, etc. However, be careful to not make the information on the card look jam-packed or too much to read. Keep it as succinct as possible.

3. Use the back of your card as well

When you have space why not use it? Though most business cards traditionally avoid using the backside of the card as they fear that people might fail to turn and have a look at the back of their cards and might miss out on something. So, don’t write crucial information like contact details on the backside, but instead use it to provide some extra information like a list of products or services that you offer, etc.

4. Do not compromise on quality

39% of people would choose not to do business with someone if they had a “cheap-looking” business card. So, make sure to use good quality cards printed from good business cards printing service that will give your cards a classy look!


A business card is a highly personal form of marketing that provides the customers with a brief about your business. As trivial as it sounds, the impact that a business card can have on your business and bran when it comes to marketing is noteworthy!

Research conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute has found that 72 percent of people judge a company or person based on their business cards.

Importance of business cards

1. Personal touch

In today's world, almost every platform is saturated with business ads and information. However, be it a hoarding in the middle of a busy road or information about a business that is swapped online, none can provide the personal touch that a business card can provide. Since business cards are given personally by a business owner or employee to people, the eye-contact, conversations, and handshakes that go along help in forming genuine relations.

2. Ease of giving

Digital marketing is only possible if people use social media, mass marketing like newspapers require people to buy and read the newspaper to come across your ad, and even personal selling techniques like calling and messaging are subject to the availability of your customer's phone number or email. However, a business card is perhaps the easiest way to reach a potential client. It does not require another medium or channel, it can be directly handed out to your potential customer as soon as you find him.

3. A positive first impression

As they say, the first impression is the last. The same holds in the case of business cards as well. Business cards provide your customers with a glimpse of your business. An attractive and appealing card can help you create a favorable first impression.

4. Low-cost

Business cards are an extremely cost-effective tool for marketing, compared to others. You can easily print hundreds of cards as and when you like, even at low costs.

5. Portability

Unlike a hoarding or an ad in a newspaper, business cards are portable forms of marketing which can be carried by you to any place in the world. Having a few business cards handy can help you hand it out to your potential clients no matter where you without appearing like a salesperson.

6. Brand-awareness

Having an appealing logo, slogan, or design on your card can help in establishing an identity for your brand and business. Even if people just have a glance at your card, your business card will help in spreading awareness about your brand and business in the minds of the customers.

7. Referable

Business cards are a great source to carry forward and share your business information with other people through your customers. If the receiver likes your business card, he can easily use your card for referring other people who might require your products or services. Also, if you have a unique, funny, or creative card that impresses people, your recipient might end up showing it to other people.

5. Make it stand out

How memorable a card is to a customer depends upon how appealing and engaging a business card is. Show your creativity by adding taglines, witty one-liners, and slogans. You can also play along with the shape, size, and pattern of your card to make it stand out. However, do not overdo it, you want your business card to stand out and not appear like a craft-project.


Despite the tremendous growth in digital marketing and the introduction of new marketing methods and technology, business cards are still irreplaceable. Business card printing services provide printing services to their customers as per their demands. So, if you are looking for the best business card printing services in India, then you have come to the right place. Tagsen is committed to providing you the most convenient business card printing services in India. We save you the trouble of physically coming to us for placing orders or collecting deliveries! Just place an order online, and you will receive your desired business card in no time!


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Frequently asked questions

What are business card printing services?

Business card printing services are printers whose presence is online. They take up your designs and demands and then print the products accordingly.

Why are we the best business card printing services?

The reason is very simple, we don't take customization orders, so it means that you will have to upload your design, and your design is the one that will truly reflect your business or you. We take your order and print them as per your requirement.

How do I place an order with you?

All you have to do is visit the website, choose the option, upload the design, place the order, and sit back and relax, and your business cards will reach you?

Do I need to pay any additional or hidden fees?

No! not! You don't have to pay any hidden or additional fees, everything that is there is in front of you.

Why should I invest in your services?

Our business card printing services are top-notch. We source the best papers available and keep many factors in our mind while we are printing them. We make sure that the customer is satisfied with our services.

What are the benefits of choosing your services?

• You are the master and the creator.
• Everything will be done timely.
• You will get simultaneous updates.
• No hidden charges or fees.

Can my business card have printing on both sides?

Yes, you can get your details printed on both the sides of your business card with no hassle.

Apart from business card printing services do you provide any other services as well?

Yes, we at Tagsen provide complete digital marketing and web development services like design, development, printing, and advertising at budget-friendly rates.

Are business cards relevant in today's times?

Absolutely! Business cards are still a huge marketing tool that attracts customers and creates brand awareness. Its personalized nature is what makes business cards a success!

Are business card printing services in India very expensive?

Not at all, business cards are relatively the cheapest tools of marketing. And with Tagsen at your service, we ensure that you get the best business card printing services at the most affordable rates.

Should I keep my business card plain or fancy?

The key is to make your card as creative and appealing as possible without giving away the formal and professional touch. So, ideally, you should opt for an eye-catchy yet decent and classy card. Too plain or too fancy might not create a very favorable impression.

So, contact Tagsen today itself, to receive the best business card printing services at budget-friendly rates!