web hosting service

Web hosting is a service that enables businesses to publish a webpage or site to the Web. A hosting provider is a company that provides technology and services for viewing on the Internet on the website or the webpage. Different machines, known as servers, are running or saving websites. All online shoppers need to do is insert your domain or site into their browsers if you are interested in accessing your page. Their desktop connects to your database, and the search engine delivers your web links to them.

Web Hosting process

Select a hosting type

Hosting requires the developer to select a control panel or type of hosting, such as cloud hosting, shared hosting, or VPS hosting. Then select a hosting service provider for best professional guidance.


Setting up a WHM account is a vital step. Your site will require a domain name as well. If you already have one, attach it to your server, and you are good to go. Our services enable you to set up an efficient account base for your hosting.

Good to Launch

Once your domain is good to go, your website shall be ready to be hosted online. It would only be accessible to you if you launch a webpage on your local server. To bring the site on the webserver at large, you may have to adjust its settings.

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Starter Package


  • Web Space : 2 GB

  • Bandwidth : 1 GB
  • SubDomain : 1
  • Email Account : 1
  • CPANEL : No
  • Year : 1

Standard Package


  • Web Space : 4 GB

  • Bandwidth : 1 GB
  • SubDomain : 2
  • Email Account : 4
  • CPANEL : Yes
  • Year : 1

Extreme Package


  • Web Space : 10 GB

  • Bandwidth : 9 GB
  • SubDomain : 4
  • Email Account : 10
  • CPANEL : Yes
  • Year : 1

Frequently Asked questions

A web hosting service is a kind of web service that makes the webpage available through the Internet and makes it accessible for organizations and individuals.

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  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Up-to-date Technical Support
  • Unrestricted Web Space
  • Improve your search ranking
  • Enhance your digital marketing strategy

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