mobile application maintenance service

Mobile application maintenance

Having a mobile application is cool and all, but to remain on the platform in this era of ever running market, you will have to stay updated and speed. Which is tough, especially that you have to run the app too. The mobile application maintenance service is a fundamental requirement, and the services will help you keep in touch with the current market trends and meet the consumer's needs. The application maintenance services will also help you meet up with your customer's expectations, as consumerism is all about needs and wants. If you want your consumers to stay on your app and don't want them to ship, your mobile application should have updated and uninterrupted services. The application maintenance service also includes the mutating of malware and preventive and curative measures.

Mobile application maintenance is very beneficial as it has a greater return on investment. The company makes sure that the application's performance is optimized. They also enable the app's flexibility, which is very important as the application's reach increases the consumers will have various demands. Mobile application maintenance includes corrective maintenance services, adaptive maintenance services so that your application remains stable, and lastly, scheduled maintenance services. This will make sure that the application stays in line with the technology.

Why choose Tagsen for Mobile Application Maintenance?

We understand that maintaining applications are a huge task. Thus, we make sure that we protect your apps from bugs and errors as solving the bug issues that too the right time will keep the app safe and also protect the application from getting exploited. Our team understands that digital information can turn haphazard as any wrong operation can steal your consumers' data. We maintain the apps in such a manner that no bugs and viruses can cause it to malfunction.

The following are the reason why you should choose us.

• We monitor the performance of the app.
• We take care of the app store management and monitoring.
• Our maintenance engineers are experienced.
• We provide proactive maintenance based on the latest technology.
• We track the progress of your application.
• We maintain a one to one communication

Application Maintentance for Android


  • Application : 1

  • Standard update
  • Addon Development
  • Platform : Android
  • Support : Email & Phone
  • Duration : 12 Hour
  • Period : 1 Month

Application Maintentance for Apple


Perfectly suitable for small businesses and startups.

  • Application : 1

  • Standard update
  • Addon Development
  • Platform : Apple
  • Support : Email & Phone
  • Duration : 12 Hour
  • Period : 1 Month

Application Maintentance for Android and Apple


  • Application : 1

  • Standard Update
  • Addon Development
  • Platform : Android & Apple
  • Support : Email & Phone
  • Duration : 48 Hour
  • Period : 1 Month

Frequently Asked questions

As stated earlier, smartphones aren't a platform that is fixed. It is a concoction of innovation changes, business drivers, etc. since the mobile platform changes and frequently updates! The applications that work on it need changes too, and this is why you would require mobile application maintenance!

• We analyse the problem
• We work towards performance monitoring testing and management of the app
• We provide preventive maintenance as well as support
• We try to uplift the app
• We also work towards strategic updating of app

We provide a host of benefits that will ensure that your mobile application is maintained, and the supporting task is hassle-free. Our maintenance services will help you in getting your app function smoothly without any problems.

You can either call us or reach out to us through email, and we will be there with our services!

No, our services don't have any additional fees; everything and all the transactions between the company and clients will be clear and transparent.

• You will get a greater return on the investment
• Face positive cost reduction when it comes to running the app
• The predictability of the app will increase
• The performance will be optimized
• We make sure that the application is flexible enough to work on the latest technology.

The average cost of mobile application maintenance is around 15 to 20 percent of the initial cost of the app's development.