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A good design helps you connect with the users better and assist them to have a good experience exploring the app and find the product they are looking for. Playing with a perfect design is essential to boost user engagement, conversions, and of course increase revenue. Shopping plays an inescapable part of our lives. The eCommerce app makes the whole shopping process easy and simple. Real-time shopping needs extra time and is very tiresome to travel all the way to a mall or someplace to buy any product that we need and then wait long for the billing process. Thus, the eCommerce app caters to efficient shopping.

And to help you achieve, this we at Tagsen provide you with the best e-commerce application development services in India!


E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the practice of using the internet as both a market and a medium for buying and selling products and services. It encompasses all activities and aspects of online business.

Today e-commerce has changed the dynamics of the business world. We are all well-aware of the new dimensions that e-commerce have opened for businesses, which have led to the elimination of restrictions like geographical barriers, opening and closing time limits of shops, need for a physical store, etc.

An e-commerce application is a small individual software application created specifically for a business that wishes to operate through an application. These applications are specially designed for devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. Like any other application, these applications are offered on platforms like app stores and can be installed from there into a user's device.


An e-commerce application and an e-commerce website both essentially serve the same purpose, that is, to enable the transfer and transaction of goods and services through the internet. However, mobile applications can provide e-commerce a few advantages that a traditional website may not be able to.

1. Mobile responsive

We all are aware of the fact that people of all age groups spend a substantial amount of their time on their smartphones. So, most people prefer online shopping to be done on their smartphones as well. However, a mobile application is often more efficient than a mobile-optimized website.

2. Better data analytics

Unlike websites, mobile applications provide better data tracking. This helps the business in its analytical and evaluation purposes.

3. Offline access

All mobile sites are dependent upon search engines which cannot work without an internet connection. However, mobile applications allow their customers to operate and access apps to a certain extent even when they are offline.

4. Customized experience

Mobile applications often remember the user settings done while installing an app. This leads to greater customization according to the preferences of a customer.

5. Greater interaction

Regular notifications and messages sent by an app to a customer leads to increased user interaction and acts as a reminder to its users about a business and its offers.

6. Brand awareness

The moment an app finds its place on the device of a customer, it automatically garners more visibility and brand awareness. People start recognizing a brand with its app.

7. No difference in content between apps and websites

A good app should be able to provide all the content that is present on the business's website on the app as well. If an app only provides limited functions or lesser content compared to its website then customers would not prefer the app.

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E-commerce mobile application development services are a type of service provider that helps a business in developing a customized mobile application to enhance their e-commerce activities. With the growing popularity of E-commerce applications, the need for a good e-commerce application development service in India is also increasing tremendously. That is why we at Tagsen have committed ourselves to fulfill this need of yours by providing you with the best e-commerce mobile app development services in India!

ECommerce Application Development process

Recognize your purpose

To understand your goal for developing an eCommerce app you need to understand why you want to create the app, what all inclusions are needed, and how much traffic you want to attract by it. After identifying all that you need, get specific on how you are going to measure the success rate of the app.

Pick the right budget:

The budget can only be picked or decided when you know the right audience you want to design the app for. The question that arises is the resources, time, and money that needs to be invested. This in turn depends upon the flexibility of the app.

Create a perfect design and market the app

After deciding the budget choose a perfect design for the app that fits the product you want to sell through your eCommerce app. The design should specifically be of the user interest and should be handy for the customers to view and not get stuck. The hassle-free journey of the user will help you market the app and get a good number of users.

After an app is developed and launched, a business still needs to ensure regular checking and maintenance of the app to safeguard it from viruses, malware, glitches, and hackers! It may also introduce new features and updates as per the requirements of the customers.


Tagsen helps you customize your app with professional and handwoven templates. Our team keeps in mind the user experience and good mobile-friendly design. With Tagsen, you can choose to customize the design of your choice out of the various designs to meet your business creativity. An eCommerce app is all about engaging your customers and we know it well. Choose us to get a cost-efficient and customized app developed as per your requirements.



  • Login

  • Registration
  • Dashboard (Product listing)
  • Product detail
  • Product filter
  • Favorite product
  • Add to cart functionality
  • Use promo code
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Order history
  • Profile update,manage shipping address,forgot password,change password etc.
  • Implement push notification
  • Send event base emails (on order placed,order completed etc.)
  • Not Include : API & Admin Panel

Frequently Asked questions

In today’s busy world people have less time to visit the stores physically and buy stuff for themselves. If they get everything handy and just a click away then you can generate a lot of business. That makes eCommerce platforms a good business option.

Your eCommerce platform should totally relate to the type of products you are selling, the target audience, the customer base and many other aspects. Accordingly, you can choose the best design.

The payment modes are enabled as per your requirement for the same.

The beauty of an app lies in not just the look and feel but also the way it operates and how friendly it is for the users. Also, make sure that you are able to promptly fulfill the orders without delays.

No, Tagsen doe snot ask you to pay anything extra apart from the package charges that you choose on yourself.

Yes, we at Tagsen provide you with complete digital marketing and web development services like design, development, print, and advertising at the most affordable rates.

When it comes to mobile access, E-commerce applications are surely more beneficial. However, for a business, an e-commerce website also has its advantages. So, investing in both an e-commerce website and an e-commerce app is worth it.

Though e-commerce application development services in India may require you to shell down some money, it is an investment worth making. If you are worried about the expenses, then approach Tagsen for these services at the most affordable rates.

Hiring a professional service has the following advantages-
1. Well aware of the customer's needs
2. Expertise in coding and designing
3. Better user experience
4. Safer and secured apps
5. Integration of more features
6. Customized designs and features

1. Easy installation and management-

The first step that begins the user-experience of an app is the installation process. So, make sure to have a smooth installation process, auto-update system, and easy management for your app.

2. Quick and easy loading-

If your application is slow and takes a lot of time to load, then this is a big negative point and might result in losing customers. Customers want a quick and efficient app. Hence a good app is quick and responsive.

3. Representing your business-

An application should be designed in a way that goes well with the products or services that it offers. The look, colors, and design of an app often provide recognition to an app, so make sure you give your app the correct presentation.

4. Safe and secured payment gateways-

The biggest deterring factor for customers in online shopping is the fear of bank account or card data leakage or unsecured payments. So, it is extremely necessary to have secured payment gateways for your transactions. Also, a well-secured website prevents data leakage and decreases the possibility of hacking.

5. Easy scrolling and navigation-

To give your users a good experience a mobile app should be easy to scroll through and navigate through the various sections and links on the application.

6. Less data and memory consumption-

An app that occupies less space and consumes lesser data is sure to become more preferred than its competitors.

7. No bugs, viruses, or malware-

Viruses and malware are the last things that a customer wants from an app. It may not just lead to uninstallation, but can even cause huge damage to the revenue and reputation of a business.

8. Appealing and eye-catchy graphics and images-

An appealing and attractive design with good quality images and videos are sure to boost the interest and use of your app. Bad quality or blurred graphics and images on an app of the products or services offered will create a negative impression.

At Tagsen, we completely understand the requirements for a mobile application to become a favorite among the customers! Hence with our team of highly skilled experts, we strive to provide businesses with the best e-commerce application development services in India in the most convenient and hassle-free way.