Vehicle Wrapper Design Service

Wrapping your great marketing investment

Starting from ₹5,000.00

Designing a custom wrap

A vehicle wrap is a substantial form of marketing. You can think of an easy message that is readable by the viewers to design something that wraps your business vehicle.

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A characteristic of a good vehicle wrap is explained when you use proper branding and easy-to-discern messaging. A vehicle is wrapped to educate the viewers about your business.

Mastering the craft of designing a good vehicle wrap is not that difficult. All you need to know is what message you want to convey to your audience and how that can be conveyed in the easiest way possible.

Vehicle Wrapper Design Process

Make sure that the wrap design does not fail to promote your business identity. A primary message must be created, so that the readers understand at the first glance.

Step 1

Type of business

It is essential to understand what services do you provide through your business to conclude the design failing which there are chances of wrong messaging going out.

Step 2

Use your brand theme

It is always good to use your brand theme, colors, logo and identity to set up a clear story behind the marketing that you would be doing.

Step 3

Get, Set, Go!

Learn the details of the promotion and get going to design the right template for your vehicle by the best designing team.

Our motive is to check that wrap should effectively communicate. We have learnt the skill of creating the best vehicle wrap designs. We create concept arts, typographic designs and graphic elemental designs playing with different colors to make it look realistic and good.
  • Amazing templates
  • Design suggestions
  • Unique and Easy to read templates
  • Pocket-friendly
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Our Vehicle Wrapper Design Service Packages

No minimum costs, no hidden fees. With Tagsen, you can choose a package that's best for you.



  • Concept : Two

  • Size : Any Three

  • Revision : Two

  • Images : Premium

  • Vector : Premium



  • Concept : Three

  • Size : Any Five

  • Revision : Three

  • Images : Premium

  • Vector : Premium

Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?

The majority of time is consumed in thinking of the concept. The length the time depends upon the requirement you put up and the response time you need. The final stage is wrapped one you finalise from the samples that we send you.

Can the wrap be removed?

Yes the wrap can be removed and that is your choice. This will not take much time.

Can the vehicle be washed after the wrap is on it?

No, we highly recommend you to NOT pressure wash your vehicle after the design is installed on it. You can take it for a normal wash.

Can you design the graphics for my vehicle?

Yes, absolutely we can design a creative cover design for your vehicle using graphics and other elements.

Can I change the design?

Yes, the design can be modified during the process when the demo is provided.