tshirt design service

From sports to businesses to bands to parties an awesome t-shirt is a huge statement.

You have grown a little thinner, it is ripped but still your favorite t-shirt is something that defines you. So, how can you get a t-shirt that ticks all the boxes fulfilling the best of your choice.

Tshirt Design process

Figure out the motive

To get the most effective design, it is important to be clear about the motive, target clients and marketing theme. There are goals to help understand why we need a shirt and why you want it. Promotional gifts, internal company usage, Merchandise, event souvenirs are the major goals that can be thought of to understand the motive.

Brainstorm the design

This is the second step towards designing. Once we know the motive behind designing the tshirt it becomes easy to design a theme and draft a good creative concept. Stylise the design with images or illustrations and other patterns.

Get a design

After creating a complete design for the tshirt we submit a draft to the client for approval and after the approval we deliver the final design.

Tagsen believes in empowering the community. We customise and build a design exclusively for your business. Depending upon the type of the design, our team sets a pattern to work. Starting from the initiation to the execution process we craft every stage and ideate the strategies.

Frequently Asked questions

Yes, the design completely depends upon the viewer's choice if you want it printed on the sleeves or just the front or back.

Our conversation happens through the mails or skype. You can get in touch with us and help us with the contact details.

Yes you can edit the designs as long as the final print is not ready. We will ask you for your updates on the project during the designing process.

Every product has an agenda behind that. Our motive is to study the agenda for the product and then design to get the result.