retail packaging design service

Retail packaging is important to safeguard your product from any kind of damage. Packaging involves innovative ideas to attract the audience with illustrative designs.

A package design is such to maintain your brand identity and let the flavor of your brand be spread among the customers that require the similar services that you offer.

Retail Packaging Design process


The retail packaging contains different types of items in different shaped boxes. So, the shape and size depends upon the size of the product to be packed. The shape is considered to have a magnet pull towards the product inclusive of wrapping as well as the external packaging for the brand.


The primary factor which creates impact on the consumer. Colors are believed to have psychological responses with the visual stimulus. The best retail packaging designs must follow the trend and behaviour of the industry.

Think about protection

The purpose of packaging a product is to protect them from any damage. Professional retail packaging designs understand how important the brand image is, delivering the desired result.

No company would use an old packaging for a new product. So, every new product means a new packaging and a new design for the same. Tagsen helps you to create beautifully designed layouts to compliment your products. We have a team of skilled designers who can suggest you to work on the type of design you would want and package your product in that. We are ready for every challenge that might come our way during the designing process.



  • Concept : Two

  • Revision : One
  • Size : Master + Two



  • Concept : Four

  • Revision : Two
  • Size : Master + Three
  • Content : Yes
  • Images : Premium



  • Concept : Three

  • Revision : Two
  • Size : Master + Three
  • Content : Yes
  • Images : Premium 
  • Vector : Premium

Frequently Asked questions

Every product small or big needs to be wrapped in a good packaging material to keep it safe and damage free.

Firstly to understand what material is to be packaged, then the size of the product after which the packaging designed will be assured.

We do have some customized templates for design but we usually design originally for every client.

We have a list of designing options and above all the best team of designers to craft an original design for you as per your demand.

The design gets finalised in almost a week with all the provided inputs by the client, rework and re edits included.