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Enhancing your dining experience.


Communicating the restaurant's identity and drifting profit.

There are several visual strategies that can be used in the menu design to help increase profit margins for the restaurant clients.

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It has been a tradition for the restaurants to design the menu in such a way the customer's eye will be naturally drawn to the spots that are attractive and they can place the higher profit items there. But now the customers tend to read the menu in the form of a book.

There is a huge demand for menu card designers. A menu card design is not just about incorporating colors, images, fonts etc. The card is designed to not check the color or creativity but to trick the customers.

Restaurant Menu Design Process

A menu card is no more a random list of dishes but the designers brain to trick the customers to make lasting impressions on them. When people come to your restaurants, the menu is the first thing that the customers come across with.

Step 1

Layout design

The menu of the restaurant is put up to entice the customers and earn profit. Make sure to not treat your menu as a simple list of dishes in spite pay extra attention to it.

Step 2


Firstly divide the menu into logical sections and use a good and effective typography to communicate with the restaurant's brand and result in a distinct menu.

Step 3

Choose appropriate colors:

The colors to be used in the menu should be based on the target audience and the theme of the restaurant. Colors have a psychological effect on the viewer, so will the color scheme help you set the mood of the restaurant and draw attention to specific food items.

Tagsen's designs are brilliant and never fail to impress. We believe that an impressive menu does not only provide you with enough details but is extremely handy to decide which dish to choose. Our team of highly skilled and creative designers are designing menus to intricately impress the viewers, playing smartly with color schemes, layout, typography and images. We also try to incorporate illustrations to give a creative effect to the restaurant's brand value adding glitters to its appeal.
  • Minimalistic and vibrant designs
  • Fancy typefaces
  • Effective typography
  • Glorifying traditional values

Frequently asked questions

How to create a good design for a restaurant menu?

The restaurant menu is designed to entice the customers and earn profit. So, it is not just the menu but the design also that has to be creative enough to attract the viewers.

What are the major points that you keep in mind while designing the menu?

Generally the size of the menu is dictated by the size of your kitchen. The bigger the kitchen the more items you can mention. Apart from this the theme of the restaurant is kept in mind to design the matching menu card.

Can I change my design?

Yes the design can be changed when the draft is submitted to you for rechecking. You can tell the changes and our designers will do that.

How to get in touch with Tagsen?

You can write on our email id or call us on the given numbers. Our team will get in touch with you to solve your queries.

Are there any extra charges that I need to pay?

No, there are no hidden charges apart from the packages fee that you choose accordingly.