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Designing the first impression

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A cover is the first judging element

Magazine covers are a different affair than the normal book covers depending upon the type of magazine it is.

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A magazine cover is a designer’s dream. A reader’s stay would depend upon how creative and enticing the cover page is.

A cover design of a magazine should be illustrative and well played with colors matching the theme of the magazine

Magazine Design Process

Any skilled experienced designer would know that picking up a color can never be a random choice. Every color has a hidden story behind it. The motive is to match or compliment the images and illustrations behind. Combining photos with text is a good amount of work involved.

Step 1

Deciding the theme

The magazine's insights are going to decide the theme of the cover page. There can be some important topics inside the issue to highlight on top. Decide the color codes accordingly.

Step 2

Implementing the theme:

The design of the cover page is solely how the designer plays with the colors and text putting the two together.

Step 3

Draft Review

When the design is ready it is sent across the design team for reviewing to check all the minute details and improvise over the left out points.

The cover of the magazine should be such that it pulls the attention of the reader and makes him pick it to read it.Tagsen’s design kit involves the overall solution starting from the initial stage of deciding the theme for the cover to brainstorming the best template to making the cover and reviewing the draft comprises the framework of the complete designing process. Your story is portrayed through our words. The story that will define the potential of the stay of the reader.
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Our Magazine Design Service Packages

No minimum costs, no hidden fees. With Tagsen, you can choose a package that's best for you.

Title page


  • Concept : Two

  • Size : A4 /A5

  • Design : First & Last Page

  • Revision : Two

  • Content : Yes

  • Images : Premium HD

  • Vector : Premium

Inner page


  • Concept : Two

  • Size : A4 /A5

  • Design : First & Last Page

  • Revision : Two

  • Content : Yes

  • Images : Premium HD

  • Vector : Premium

Frequently asked questions

Can I give you images for the cover?

Yes, you can but the designer has the complete say in deciding what the cover page will look like as he is the expert in design perspective. It might happen that the image you give does not fit with the design, in that case we can give you similar references.

How will I get to know the design you are creating?

There are timely updates which we will do by sending you the draft of your design that we will be working on. You can check the progress of our work and give your feedback accordingly.

Can I make changes in the design?

Yes, you can tell us about the rectifications to be made and we will get it done for you.

How do you merge the text and images?

We use a reasonable form of typography placement. The structure formed will be in the best typographic hierarchy keeping in mind the subtitles and other details.

Do I need to pay extra for the images?

No you do not have to pay anything extra just the package fee that you select.