logo design service

Shaping the brand story while harmonizing both functionality and fascination. No matter how creative you become while designing the logo, it has to be adapted and noticed by the consumers.

Logos are made with the utmost precision to maintain the brand’s promise, keeping it simple enough to mark a spot in the subconscious mind of the customer. Even the simplistic detail of the logo matters a lot.

A logo is a combination of text and visual imagery, and a logo will solve two purposes. Firstly, it well the name of the company that is by using the symbol that represents your business and second it will make the people get familiar with your brand. Logos has an influential symbolic association and all the logo design services in india will work on it.. Say, for example, the logo of McDonald's, KFC, amazon they are so popular that you don't have to spell the word McDonald's, KFC or amazon their logos will define themselves.

Why does my brand need a logo?

If your brand has a logo, it will show that you are professional, and will attract the trust if the customers and a logo design service will make sure that this is happening A potential customer will do business with you if they see that your portfolio your logo is attractive, at times if the logo is perfect, they wouldn't even need the portfolio the best logo design services in India will make sure that your logo makes you look professional. Say for example if your logo is designed by Microsoft word or even paint, they will question your credibility and will wonder how are you going to deliver your products and services as well.

What should a good small business logo contain?

Here are some pointers that a logo should have and the best logo design services in India

The text part of the logo should be clear and readable this what the logo design service will do, though imagining the fact that your brand is going to be the next McDonalds or amazon when you are starting but having a logo that is important and clearly shows the name of your company is essential as people will be able to recognise your logo from a distance (like building signage, posters, vehicle signage etc.)

Use your logo consistently.

When brands get their logo designed, they often get then logos prepared they get the brand started documents made, and these documents cover certain things like:

The documents guide on different variants of the logo and where the logo is going to be used and where they shouldn't be used.

The document guides on modifying the logo and what changes should be made to the logo

What should and shouldn't be there near the logo

The appearance of a logo and how it should appear in different scenarios

Though this level of documentation can be overkill at times, especially for the small business, the large brands understand that inconsistency if the logo can damage the trust, so make sure that the logo is consistent.

Essential steps that logo design services will follow

● They understand the need of your logo
● They work defining the brand identity
● They help in finding inspiration for your design
● They check out the competition
● They choose the design of your style.
● They help you with finding the right type of logo.
● They pick the perfect colour.
● They understand that typography matters.
● They make sure that you and the designer are in contact
● They work on evaluating the logo options

1. They understand the need of your logo

Having a business is actually like dating; you are constantly trying to attract the right customers and then make them fall in love with your brands. So a logo works as a picture on the dating profile, the logo will make the consumers in taking an interest in your brand and then learn more about you,

2. They work defining the brand identity

the best logo design services in India will want your logo to communicate the personality of your brand. And to achieve this, they will understand the core personality of your brand once they have a clear idea the logo design services will begin.

3. They help in finding inspiration for your design.

The hardest part of logo designing services is finding inspiration but don’t worry our designers will brainstorm the ideas, think like your audience, get the entire team involved and then work on the logo.

4. They check out the competition.

The logo design services in India include keeping an eye on the competition and see what is out there and how you can proceed on with your designs. They will tell what will set your logo apart etc.

5. They choose the design of your style.

Now that you are clear that what you want, the logo designers will feel inspired and start using and their ideas and form logo. While forming a logo a lot of elements will come into play like the colour, the space, the graphics, the typography etc., isolation of each compound will make what your logo is and then will allow you take steps forward and not get overwhelmed in this process. All this will happen if you hire the best logo designers in India.

6. They will help you in finding the right type of logo

The logo designer will make a few samples and then allow you to choose which sample will set the best with your overall brand. You can choose the one which will suit the name the idea and the overall aesthetic of your company and then they will work on creating something very unique.

7. They will Pay attention to colour

Each and every colour has a different meaning, the psychology behind the colour is complex, but it will definitely help the consumers in finding out what emotions run behind your logo and the types of ideas which are attached with your company. All this can only be achieved by the help of the logo design services in India.

8. The logo designers will help you in Picking the right typography

The typography is what will complement and complete your logo if the typography doesn’t sit will with colours as well as the whole idea of the logo; it will spoil your brand.

9. Communicate with your designer

Communication is the key if you are continuously communicating with your designer; your logo is going to turn out fabulous.

10. Evaluate your options

Evaluating the options can be heard, so our logo services will help you in getting feedbacks from friends your potential customers and colleagues so that you can make the right decision.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo is one which will make the brad immediately recognizable and also what will make you stand out, and it should be professional, effective and fit with the identity.

Logo Design process


Learning what the brand is all about and then forming a creative story around it using some visual icons or symbols as suited according to the brand. The imagination is done using the basic theme that compliments the brand.


Research for apt symbols and icons is the second important step to come up with a unique concept for the brand logo. It can also include any type of inspiration behind the creation of the brand to be used in the designing part.


The last and final stage is putting together the imagination and research into a unique outcome.

Tagsen helps you define the story of your brand. This is what we focus on. Simple things may not always be descriptive but simple designs having a hidden story behind it can definitely add stars to the branding of your business. From strategizing to finding meanings, creating blueprints, understanding consumer mindset to making the correct required logo. Every detail leads to the beauty of the well-defined logo, keeping in mind all the parameters we proudly call ourselves creative. We stand out to be the best logo designing company.



A subtle design to make your logo effective

  • Concept : Two

  • Type : Typographical & Iconic
  • Revision : Three



Depending upon your business tone logo should be virtual

  • Concept : Four

  • Type : Typographical & Iconic
  • Revision : Five
  • Logo : Written Concept
  • Free : Business Card Design



A quirky and good to go logo design

  • Concept : Four 

  • Type : Typographical , Iconic , Illustrative & Metallic / 3D
  • Revision : Unlimited*
  • Logo : Written Concept
  • Free : Stationary Design
  • Support : 6 Month

Frequently Asked questions

A typical time period of approximately 2 weeks is taken to complete the entire designing of the logo which includes the time from imagination to researching and creating the apt design for the logo.

That is completely ok with us if you define a logo design of your choice and want to make some minor changes to it. But, this can only be done in a certain timeframe for revision rounds.

With our logo design package, you can buy yourself a design of your choice with no extra charges above that whatsoever. Place an order as per your will.

Tagsen has set some packages for the designing of Logo which can be chosen by you as per your choice and budget. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Yes, you definitely can, if you have any images like icons, symbols etc. that you would wish to be included in your logo, please give it to us, and we can add it into your logo.

Yes, you definitely can get your logo designed confidential, our company signs an NDA so the logo will not be disclosed without your information.

A good company logo will have three things, and they are the logo will tell that the product is perfect, it will communicate the things that you stand for and lastly makes them resonate with your brand.