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Every brand has a story to share especially when there comes a festival time the basic motive becomes promotion along with heartfelt sentiments

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festival posts are essential as it is an opportunity to connect with your audience using sentimental scenarios.

Festival posts are designed to throw baits like discounts offers or special offers like buy one get one. By attracting the audience through these posts will increase the number of people knowing about our business.

Festival Post Design Process

Every festival post that is designed is set to have a motive which is the festival. These are special posts designed to make your viewers aware of the upcoming special offers that are provided by your end. There can be lucrative discounts to entice your customer base to let them visit you at least once.

Step 1


Initial steps include the making of the post is strategizing and planning. The idea is the soul of the post. If the idea is not well framed the post becomes ignorant.

Step 2


The designers attempt to make beautiful designs and create the tone of the brand not forgetting the festival they are creating the post for.

Step 3


The post execution is the final stage. After reworks and revision on the strategy the final post is completed and submitted.

The idea behind the festival posts is to reach the sentiments of the audience and connect with a story that might touch them when you buy your product. That interest can be created only with the right story put forward in the form of the best design. Tagsen is the pioneer of unique and creative designs. We strive to put the best of our skills into creating the best for you.
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  • Affordable prices
  • Creative and unique designs
  • Skilled team

Our Festival Post Design Service Packages

No minimum costs, no hidden fees. With Tagsen, you can choose a package that's best for you.



Festival Post Starter Package

  • Festival & Day : 75

  • Image Post : 75 

  • Delivery : Before Festival / Day



Standard Package

  • Festival & Day : 75

  • Video Post : 35

  • Image Post : 40

  • Delivery : Before Festival / Day



Extreme Package

  • Festival & Day : 75

  • Video Post : 75

  • Delivery : Before Festival / Day

Frequently asked questions

Who decides the festivals when the posts need to be updated?

It is completely your call to select the festivals for these posts. The package includes a number of festivals that can be included. Choose accordingly.

Designers in your team are skilled?

Yes, we have a team of highly skilled designers who are capable of creating magic through their posts.

How do you execute the designing plan?

We execute the designing process as mentioned in the process of designing. From initiating an idea to brainstorming for a concept to designing it.

Any extra charges ?

No, there are no hidden and extra charges involved.

Can i submit my pictures?

Yes, you can give your ideas and pictures at the initial stage of designing. Our designers will work on editing and using them.