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An explainer video is a type of video that generally is a format that is elaborative, like text-based with some visuals for the audience to connect better. Video is the most effective way of communication as it is not just the video but a strategy that you put up.

Video Marketing needs to be incorporated into the marketing strategy plan. Explainer videos are a fantastic way to attract the audience as it is most likely understood, “What a video can explain in 30 seconds, other tricks might take longer than that”.

Different types of explainer videos, as suggested by the best explainer video creation services in India. 

Explainer videos are of classified into three types and they are mentioned below:


1.Live Action Explainer videos:

While getting the top-notch explainer video creation services in India, you should definitely know about the various kinds of explainer videos. One of those explainer videos is none other than live action explainer video. It is a non-animated promotional video that explains the various services and products of a business. Some of the examples of such videos are the PooPourri and Dollar Shave videos. These kinds of videos are majorly people-oriented and intend to sell a physical product. 


2.Whiteboard explainer videos:

You can also try out the whiteboard explainer videos while communicating with the best explainer video creation services in India providers. The whiteboard explainer videos include the hand-drawn animation that is drawn on the whiteboard and then erased. This kind of explainer video has become highly renowned all across the globe. It is because these videos hail with the ease of operation and also, they have lesser cost. So, if you want to get an explainer video within your budget, you shall definitely vouch for the whiteboard explainer videos. 

3. Animated explainer videos:

When you intend to get the explainer video creation services, you are going to know more about the different kinds of explainer videos. The expert is also going to explain you about the significance of the animated explainer videos which are most commonly used nowadays. These are highly popular and follow a particular video format with the intention of explaining more about the services/products of the brand. A video designer gets a huge scope of creativity while indulging in the curation of the notable and very distinct animated explainer videos.

Benefits of the commendable explainer video creation services


If you want to know about the perfect tool that can help your brand attract a lot of visitors with no hassle, it would be none other than an explainer video. The explainer video creation services in India would facilitate you with a good number of key benefits. They would not only attract a huge chunk of your audience’s attention but also help you in gaining an increase ROI. This cost-effective marketing tool is very significant. Do you want to know more about the different benefits of the best explainer
video creation services in India? If yes, then have a look at some of the pointers mentioned below: 

1.Increasing your brand’s conversion rates: 


According to a good number of surveys and as entailed by the best explainer video creation services in India providers, more than 70% of the people get attracted to explainer videos. On loving the explainer videos, they ultimately move on with the purchasing of your products/services. If you place a notable animated explainer video on your website, you are surely going to give the best user-experience to your website’s visitors. Also, they would be able to understand your product in the finest possible manner. 

2.Increasing brand awareness: 


The explainer video creation services have got the ability to make your brand viral on the various digital marketing platforms with no hassle. This would lead to a creation of increase in the brand identity. The explainer videos are highly powerful and they can easily grab the audience’s attention with their uniqueness and utmost usage of creativity. These services can increase your brand’s identity with no shortcomings. 

3.Better Google ranking:


Google is known to prioritize videos and thus, websites having the explainer videos in them have the ability to rank better than the other websites. Thus, taking some help from the companies dealing in explainer video creation services in India is quite necessary. Your website must undoubtedly have an explainer right on the top of the homepage. It would help you in getting good organic search results with no issues. 

4.Flexibility to be showcased on all screens:

Videos are widely used whether it’s during an exhibition, event, conference or even a single social media page. Due to the same, the demand of the notable explainer video creation services is increasing gradually. Videos have the ability to adjust every kind of screen size and these include the monitors, tablet, mobile and the larger sized displays as well. 

5.Enhanced ROI: 


According to many surveys and researches, it has been notified that the explainer video creation services in India facilitate the clients with a better return on investment. Since your animated explainer videos are going to engage your viewers and then convert them to into your potential customers, they are highly in demand nowadays. So, including the explainer videos in your marketing strategy shall prove as the finest help with no hassle. 

Explainer Video Creation process


A great way to tell what your brand is all about with less involvement of time. You can use the problem statement along with the solution to the same so that the viewers get a clear picture of your business.


Creating a draft of what exactly the video will look like and forming it by sketching the various frames to get the rough idea about the elements of the video.


An adaptable way to reach out to both old and new customers make explainer videos worth the time and money.

Well, a good script leads to a good explainer video. Our team of designers is focused on the initial ideation before we create any kind of video. The scripts are well researched before we get down to creating a video. Believing that the script can either make or break the video, our utmost focus is to keep in mind the brand tone so that we can connect with the customers to get them redirected to your business. We conceptualize a collective effort to get the best results. We try to incorporate the problem and the solution to the same in the video to make it easy for the viewers’ understanding.

Our whole team always puts its best foot forward in providing an array of explainer video creation services to the esteemed customers. We are a renowned name in the video creation market and till now, a plethora of businesses have already relied on our best explainer video creation services in India. Our experts always focus on the clients’ success and growth. Keeping the same intention in view, we have come up with many other services serving your marketing needs. Ours is a creative agency that is always prevalent to help out its clients looking for the finest explainer video creation services in the marketplace. Our team of professionals is content savvy, tech savvy as well as market savvy. Thus, they are always indulged in the exploration of the new mediums to communicate with the clients’ desired audience. They would always come up with best explainer video creation services in India with no hassle. 



  • Concept : Two 

  • Script : No
  • Full Keyframe : Yes
  • Time : 1 Minute
  • Revision : 1 Round
  • Quality : 720p



  • Concept : Two

  • Script : Yes
  • Full Keyframe : Yes
  • Effects : Music & Sound 
  • Time : 3 Minute
  • Revision : 3 Round
  • Quality : 720p



  • Concept : Two

  • Script : Yes
  • Full Keyframe : Yes
  • Effects : Music & Sound 
  • Voiceover : Professional
  • Time : 3 Minute
  • Revision : 3 Round
  • Quality : 720p

Frequently Asked questions

The Explainer video services are crafted to build a good level of interest among your customer base to help them find solutions to the queries they might be facing issues with.

Your brand is a promise to your clients for quality, consistency, and competency. The reliability of your clients depends upon the work you put up for them. The goal that you set for your brand should speak to the one decided by you.

Benefits of Explainer videos:
- Good reach to old and new customers
- Visuals and content amalgamation
- Easy to understand
- Relatable by the consumers

You can approach Tagsen by visiting our website and letting us know what is your requirement. Select the package of your choice and get going.

No, there are no hidden charges for any services. All the charges are mentioned in the package as selected by you during the placing of the order. We do not charge any extra commercials. We believe in long term association with our customers.

It’s great even if you have your own script! If you have the script handy, you will have to give the same to us. We’ll then transfer it to the notable creative director who would then go through your notable script. Once done with the while gauging of the video efforts, we would then come up with the costing of our customized explainer video creation services based on your script’s complexity. 

Our project starts off with a 50% advance payment from our client. The remaining needs to be done once we have satisfactorily delivered you the whole explainer video. Just in case you need a milestone-based payment, you can have a word with our notable account managers who could help you out in the same with no hassle. 

Our company gives discounts based on the number of videos you want to get made. Also, our discount offers depend on the videos’ duration. Just in case you have a whole series of videos, we may then think of discounts based on the number of reusable assets. The longer the video would be, the cost per second shall reduce on its basis.