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Never judge a book without a good design.

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A book layout is almost like a floor plan
A design of the book will be dependent upon the type of book you are writing. Design will follow particular principles depending upon the design type. PLACE ORDER

Book layout designing is an essential and avoidable task. The cover page of the book seeks the first impression of the reader. It might lead to the bad experience of the reader if the layout does not match the book content.

Book layout design comprises the cover page, internal margins, the content placement, and other major aspects that contribute to the image forming aspect of the reader.

Book Layout design process

Margins & whitespaces

Ideally there should be a set format for the top, bottom, left and right margins. This might vary from the type of content you want to be adjusted on the single page. Enough whitespaces make it pleasing for the eyes of the reader and lets them have a smooth transition between the pages.


Sidebars and boxes must have a heading to indicate the purpose of the text. Font size also makes a difference in creating the whole book designing layout. Sidebars ensure the neatness of the content and makes it friendly for the readers to read.


Every book design contains images in it. Images make it easy and understandable for the readers to read the text and process the information. It is important to balance the image with the typography present in the book.

Tagsen is a complete designing solution for you. Our team of experts provide you with the best and most creative designs in the market. We are always striving hard to match your brand efficiency, quality and strategy. We are committed to provide you with alluring, and valuable solutions. We welcome critical feedback and accept challenges to further improve on our deliverables.

  • Effective designs
  • Improved user experience
  • Improved accessibility
  • Creative problem solving
  • Revision in designs

Our Book Layout Service Packages

No minimum costs, no hidden fees. With Tagsen, you can choose a package that's best for you.

Title page


  • Concept : Two

  • Size : A4 /A5
  • Design : First & Last Page
  • Revision : Two
  • Content : Yes
  • Images : Premium HD
  • Vector : Premium

Inner Page


  • Concept : Two

  • Size : A4 /A5
  • Revision : Two
  • Content : Yes
  • Charge : Per Page
  • Images : Premium HD
  • Vector : Premium

Frequently Asked questions

First we consult the client about their motive and content inside the book which lets us understand the theme and cover designs. The other layout like margins, headers, footers and image placements are done as per the size of the book and quality in which it has to be designed.

We make it a point to send you a rough draft before we finalise the layout. If there are any changes you want to make you can tell us during the time we send you the draft.

The layout design is entirely dependent upon the type of book you are writing. Every type of book requires a different type of layout.

Whitespaces and margins make the test look appealing and pleasing to the readers eyes. It is important to have enough whitespaces to ensure the reader does not lose interest in the reading process.

We design all sorts of covers depending upon the requirement you raise. From creative to professional, it depends upon the book and its content. For example, if you are writing a cooking recipe book the cover layout should be creative enough to show the amalgamation of the food images along with the text.