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An animated video is an engaging medium, cost effective. Easy to manage and lets you pop your key points. It can be made in as least resource as you want. It is an amazing marketing tool in today’s era. Animated videos are short live video in an animation format that explains a business, product, or idea. This helps your audiences to understand your business, the value you provide, and the message you are trying to convey.

The statistics speak well in this case. About 70% of the marketers prefer videos to be made for digital marketing and consider it as the most powerful tool for attracting an audience. This is the reason behind the growing need and popularity of animated video services.

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Animated Video process

Scripting and storyboarding

Just like what a blueprint is to the building, scripting is to video making. The essential task that a scripter does is to understand the target audience and build a story around that. Storyboarding is done to sketch out a rough draft to get a layout of how the video will look.

Choose the animation style

There are several styles of animation that can be used, for example, animated video, whiteboard videos, typography videos, 2D animated videos or 3D animated videos, and much more.

Animate your video

Though the animation is the final step, it requires the entire team to execute it. If there are sounds in the video, you will also need voice-over artists to record the speaking sound and incorporate it into the video. It is all about how you want to communicate your message.


ANIMATED VIDEO SERVICES IN INDIA offers a variety of different types of animation styles. These are-

• 2D Character Animation-

2D or Two-Dimensional animation is a traditional, hand-drawn technique that allows animators to create images in two-dimensional environments.

• Motion Graphics Animation-

These are 2D videos that use simple graphics along with text to create engaging and straightforward videos.

• Whiteboard Animation-

Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular animation styles, used in delivering complex messages while keeping the audience engaged. Here normal drawings are illustrated in black and white styling on a whiteboard, which is put-to-use to narrate a story with freely drawn pictures on a white surface to convey the information.

• 2.5D Animation-

Here a 2D video is animated to simulate a 3D environment by the layering of objects. It is a type of animation video style that uses graphic motion with a different visual effect that delivers a unique, professional, and engaging piece without the hassle and expense of an actual 3D animation.

• 3D Animation-

3D animation displays the video in a fully 3 Dimensional visual and is perhaps one of the most intriguing and impactful types of animation. However, it is not very popular commercially, due to the high expenses and technology that is required.

• Stop Motion-

Here a particular type of animation technique is used for photographing an object as it’s moved in small amounts to create an illusion of motion when played. It is used most commonly in animated films that take advantage of this truly unique effect.

• Typography-

Typography uses the animation of typographic fonts to express ideas. Although it sounds simple, it can fit perfectly for certain types of projects. By apt implementation of fonts and animation. Typographic animation can do a great job of emphasizing and reinforcing specific words or messages and make them remain in your audience’s memory.

• Screencast-

Screencast uses Digital recordings of screen captured footage, which is backed up by narration. It is used the most in start-ups and tutorials due to its low cost.

All of these animated video types have their own advantages and disadvantages. The key here is to select the one that suits your message, budget, audience and company the most. Tagsen, helps you in finding the best choice according to your needs.


Amongst the numerous marketing tools and techniques available, it is natural to wonder why one should go for an animated video? The answer to this question is pretty evident in the impact and popularity that animated videos have today. Benefits of making animated videos for marketing are-

1. Visual appeal-

65% of people are visual learners, so what better way to convey your message to the people than a visually engaging video. Unlike still pictures, audios, or texts, videos are more visually appealing and can engage the people into it for a longer time.

2. A better understanding of the message-

Animated videos save the audience the trouble of reading, thinking, or imagining. It directly serves them the message in a simple and explanatory way, which helps in better understanding and avoids misinterpretations.

3. Simplifies complex messages-

Animation videos help you to explain even the most complex topics in a simplified manner.

4. Increased scope of creativity-

Real videos and images are often bound, by a sense of practicality and realism. However, an animated video allows you to display your messages more creatively. Be it talking objects, imaginary scenes, characterization of non-living objects, or representation of complex machines, anything is possible in animated video easily at a lower cost.

5. Fun and entertainment-

For a long time, we have associated animated videos and characters with fun and entertaining cartoons. This adds an element of fun and entertainment to animated videos, which easily captures the attention of the audiences even if the video is promoting a business or meant for informative purposes.

6. Animation is comparatively cheap and easy to produce-

The budget, resources, and preparation required to make a real-time video with real-time actors often require a lot of time, money, and preparation. Location, actors, props, etc. will cost you way more than an animated video. An animated video saves your time, money, and efforts.

7. Wider reach of audiences-

Digital marketing has enabled businesses to reach a wider range of audiences. So, animated videos too that are on the internet can be seen by people throughout the globe. Hence, maximizing the reach of marketing.

8. Increased brand awareness-

Animated videos help in increasing brand awareness drastically. The reach and impact of animated videos lead to stronger brand image and brand awareness. Viral or popular videos of businesses easily make a place inside the minds of the people which leads to greater brand awareness.

Professional animated video services help you in making and using animated videos in a way that will maximize its benefits.


Although it is quite easy and cheap to produce an animated video, animation is an art that requires creativity, skills, and technical know-how. At Tagsen, we have a team of technically sound creators and expert marketers who are well-equipped with high technology and tools. We believe in a collaborative approach and teamwork to transform your ideas and expectations into an impactful and engaging animated video.

We at Tagsen are here for you to seek our services. We, at Tagsen majorly focus over 3 things, motive behind making the video, target audience, how to convey the message. Our in house designing team consists of well experienced animators and video makers. We make the videos in a way to not let the message get muddled. Images are meant to appeal to the human brain and make it easy for them to connect. Churning out the best and unique videos are the utmost goals in our bucket list. Benefits of choosing us are-

This makes us the best choice for hiring an animated video service in India.



  • Concept : Two

  • Script : No
  • Full Keyframe : Yes
  • Time : 1 Minute
  • Revision : 1
  • Round Quality : 720p 



  • Concept : Two 

  • Script : Yes
  • Full Keyframe : Yes
  • Effects : Music & Sound 
  • Time : 3 Minute
  • Revision : 3 Round
  • Quality : 720p



  • Concept : Two

  • Script : Yes
  • Full Keyframe : Yes
  • Effects : Music & Sound 
  • Voiceover : Professional 
  • Time : 3 Minute
  • Revision : 3 Round
  • Quality : 720p

Frequently Asked questions

Animated Videos are currently dominating the market scenes because of the attractiveness and engaging capacity that it holds. Hence animated videos are the best choice for marketing in the current scenario.

We have categorized our prices into various packages as per the different facilities that are catered by our end. All of which are available at budget-friendly prices.

Yes, you can provide us with the script. If not, we will have a team of experts doing the scripting for the videos. We can also have a collaborative approach for better results.

The most important part is brand awareness, which is why the video is made. We require the important message you want to convey along with your brand guidelines, color, logo, and other important points. If you do not already have them, Tagsen can help you in designing those as well.

It is not essential to meet in person for any kind of project. You can tell us your requirements through mails or on calls and your work will be done.

Not at all, at Tagsen, we have no minimum costs or hidden fees. You can choose the package that fits your budget the most.

Animated video services are a worthy investment. However, with Tagsen at your service, you don’t have to worry at all. We provide you video animation services at the most budget-friendly rates.

No, Tagsen provides complete advertising, printing, designing, and developing services under a single roof! Vouch for our team and satiate your marketing and designing needs.

Animated videos have proved to be the perfect marketing tool in the modern world. So, if you also want to make use of animated videos to enhance your marketing, boost your sales, and increase your brand awareness, contact Tagsen to get the best animated video services in India.