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Are you looking for the fastest way to bring on ready-to-buy customers to your website then Pay Per Click (PPC) is the best solution for you? Tagsen is one of the best PPC service providers in India and is very well known for the PPC service expertise that they have. Tagsen has a collective clientele from all types of industries and has a wide demographic that spans all over the globe. 

PPC means pay-per-click, a digital marketing method in which businesses are charged a fee on each click on their ads. It's a way to acquire views rather than organically earning them. With the efficient implementation of Pay Per Click, you can fight for articles that require far more time to evaluate through media exposure strategies like SEO. You will meet prospective customers and persuade them with PPC ads. This creates confidence subtly, but above all, it allows them to make a more informed decision.

Tagsen is a very result oriented Pay Per Click service provider that has a cost effective yet powerful method to increase the brand or business’ online visibility. Tagsen is one of the best PPC services in India and is noted for the increased conversion rate and higher return on investment.

How does Tagsen improve my company using their PPC service?

• Tagsen’s talented team of experts will research and compile a list of keywords that properly resonate to your brand and business.

• The PPC management team will write ads which make use of the keywords and target them top the audience that seem to be convertible. This is the specialty of our service as we only target the audience that will seem to be convertible. Targeting such an audience will enhance lead conversion.

• The team at Tagsen will identify the customers and set a demographic. The ad will also be scheduled at a time where conversion will seem to be at a high.

• Our team will ensure that the reach will be at a maximum at the lowest rate possible which will enable you to have an increased return on your investment.

• Our PPC experts will always monitor the performance of the ad and therefore ensure that the optimum result is attained.

• The team at Tasgsen will follow up with your company regarding the auditing and strategizing of the ad campaign in order to maximize the next ad campaign.

PPC advertising process

Target Audience and Determine Expected Outcome

Businesses often get into PPC without understanding their goals and target customers and thereby losing the chance to win at PPC management. It is always crucial to know your audience and determine your ultimate goal to choose appropriate and suitable ads for the right platforms.

Establish a Structure

PPC marketing structure must be established around the relevant customer base. Try to focus on posting your ad on a set that is most relevant and also try to make it simple for the viewers to grasp your idea. Vague and ambiguous ads tend to inefficiency and complexities.

Ensure your own Winning Factors

Your winning factors involve your budget, landing page, and Ad relevance. Make sure you have all these in the right place before you start your PPC campaign.

PPC management is based on a foundation that involves gathering relevant information. Excellent analysis skills are required for this purpose. If you have doubts regarding hiring professional experts for PPC management, we recommend you to get in touch with us for the best PPC service. After all, for a long time, we have been a significant provider of PPC marketing services and other advertising services.

Our qualified PPC experts use robust strategies to attract and retain your viewers and drive great quality visitors. Our experts possess superior management skills, imagination and can generate exquisite relevant campaigns with attentiveness.

Following are the reasons our customers choose our PPC services:

Scale your business up with the best PPC services

There are a variety of methods by which tagsen will enhance your brand and gain a higher rank on the search results and social media feeds. Here is what the PPC service will include:

• Paid search management

The experts at Tagsen specialize in Google AdWords and therefore will bid for keywords at the best rate possible. You will be provided with high value traffic in the best cost-effective manner. We will focus on precise targeting which will ensure that the ads will be received by interested customers. Our PPC service experts will compile, conversion driven ads that will attract the right kind of audience.

• Paid Social

Our expert team of PPC service managers will create optimized campaigns for social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with the correct intent on connecting to the target demographic which will help in boosting the brand or business’ visibility and will reach a wide range of interested audience.

• PPC landing page creation

A proper PPC advertisement campaign requires a generation of high-quality leads which also demands a good optimized landing page. Without a proper good-looking landing page, all the money invested in the PPC campaign will be a waste of time. As a reliable PPC service in India we help in the creation of an optimized landing page which will enhance the conversion rates of each click.

• Display Ads

A display advertisement is an important form of paid PPC ads. Tagsen’s expert marketing panel will help in the creation of attractive ads that will be paired with custom visual panels which will help in the proper backlinking of webpages in order to place the ads. The PPC marketing managers at Tagsen will work in tandem with the in-house designers to ensure that the ads are unique and conversion driven so that you will receive a proper return on investment.

• Remarketing

Remarketing will enable the brand to serve and target the adds to people who have already visited your website but their click was not converted. With this specific target of the audience who has already shown interest, Tagsen’s strategic approach will be ideal to fight with the competition and ensure that you get the sales instead.

• YouTube Ads

It is seen that video content has become one of the fore fronts of digital marketing. Tagsen’s PPC marketing managers will ensure that a proper and easy to understand video ad is implemented so that you attain the desired marketing results.

• PPC Campaign review and Audit

One of the key features of a digital marketing method like PPC is that you can track every rupee that you spend. Our team here at Tagsen will analyse the data from the ad campaigns that are run and will formulate a much better method for future ad campaigns. By this the business or brand will get a better return on their investment.

Benefits of PPC service with Tagsen:

• Improved Brand Visibility
• Increased Quality Traffic
• Maximised Return on investment
• Reduced Cost per conversion
• Transparent service
• Unique Advertisement campaigns

PPC Services Packages offered by Tagsen: 

• The starter package which is priced at Rs. 10,000 will give you one ad campaign. An actual ad budget, search ads, five keywords, five target audience and a weekly report. 
• The standard package which is priced at Rs. 20,000 will give you an actual ad budget, search ads, display ads, one ad banner design, fifteen keywords, ten target areas, fifteen keyword research and a weekly report. 
• The extreme package which is priced at Rs. 38,000 with two campaigns, an actual ad budget, search ads, display ads, ten ad banner designs, fifteen keywords, ten target areas, market research, fifteen keyword research and a weekly report. 


  • Campaign : 1

  • Ad Budget : Actual 
  • Search Ads
  • Keywords : 5
  • Target Area : 5
  • Report : Weekly



  • Campaign : 1

  • Ad Budget : Actual 
  • Search Ads 
  • Display Ads
  • Ads Banner Design : 1
  • Keywords : 15
  • Target Area : 10
  • Keyword Reasearch : 15
  • Report : Weekly



  • Campaign : 2

  • Ad Budget : Actual 
  • Search Ads 
  • Display Ads
  • Ads Banner Design : 10
  • Keywords : 15
  • Target Area : 10
  • Market Reasearch
  • Keyword Reasearch : 15
  • Report : Weekly

Frequently Asked questions

Pay-per-click is a digital advertisement method being used to direct customers to pages developed by the business just by clicking on an ad. In this mode of marketing a client usually bids for keywords related to the niche of the business or brand within the platform of advertisement. The advertiser will be charged if the person clicks on one of the ads and visits the website.

Tagsen is indeed the top PPC management services provider that offers services that enhance your website's reputation and direct customers to your business. We have a well-expert team that guarantees customer satisfaction.

When you're not sure of the importance of qualified PPC management services, there are many factors to take into account. For starters, your conversion levels, competitiveness, and search ranking may indeed be improved. All outcomes will affect your profit, market share, and Growth directly and positively.

  • Target Quality audience
  • Increase search engine rankings
  • Better Conversion rates
  • Get regular traffic
  • Enhance your digital marketing strategy

Book your order, pick your package and tell us what it takes to complete your innovative desire in brief. Interact with Tagsen.com experts for suggestions and inspiring ideas and customized PPC management feasible for your brand needs.

No, definitely not. You obtain all services without paying any concealed or extra charge, as specified in the package kit.

A result driven approach is taken to make the most of the investment the client has given to us. A through keyword search is done and the business niche is understood to improve the visibility of the ad campaign. Eye catching ads are created so that the attention is grabbed with your catchy ads.

A search PPC ad will contain the following elements:
• A headline
• A description
• A display URL
• A destination URL

Google AdWords has an average CTR rate of around 3.17% for search ads and 0.46% for display ads. Facebook has a lower CTR rate of around 0.90% as Facebook is mostly a social media platform.

• Relevance of the ad to the search query
• The click through rate of the ads
• Relevance of the keywords
• The page quality of the landing page

PPC adds will be run on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LindkedIn. It will also be run on popular search engines like Google and Bing. The focus will be on making marketing efforts where the larger target audience will be. Our experts here at Tagsen will identify this and run the ad to the best of their abilities.