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Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy to convert prospects into customers. Email is a medium by which companies and organizations, through precisely focused, permission-based content, send offers, promotions, deals, notifications and much more try to attract customers. Email marketing can be considered as a form of marketing which makes use of the current trend of emails to communicate a business’s message and services through an advertisement campaign. Email marketing is an easy method by which you can enhance the promotion of messages directly to cvlients or a target market through emails. Email marketing provides an ample opportunity to be on the customer's mobile notifications on a timely basis. Business owners are at ease to create and modify their own list of customers they want to reach, and our team helps them achieve a more particular demographic. This also allows businesses to give an essential target portion in a specific audience pattern.

Are email marketing services worth it?

A good email marketing service in India will enable a wide spectrum of businesses to focus their promotional messages to a certain target audience and thereby increase visibility without having to rely on conventional methods of advertisement like newspaper and Television. Email marketing services will also enable you to strengthen customer loyalty with promotional offers and also remind them of your business from time to time. Here, at Tagsen we are known to be one of the best email marketing service in India because of how efficiently we handle a email marketing campaign.

If you want to know more about the various functions that an email marketing service shall facilitate you with, they are mentioned below:

1. Creation of a contact list

A list of contacts will be compiled based on the audience that the business intends to target. You can compile a contact list based on the recipients by considering the prospective customers and this will lead to more leads and conversions.

2. Importing the contacts

When you have hundreds of contacts that need to be imported, it is done by bulk importing recipients from a CSV file. The excel file of your contacts will be saved into the CSV format and then will be used to email market.

3. Create an email design

An email design will be created so that it appeals to the audience that will be in your contact list. This is an important step as it is crucial in converting the clicks on the email into successful conversions.

4. Scheduling an email campaign

An email campaign will be scheduled by the email marketing experts that will enable emails to be sent later on, on a time specified as needed by the client.

5. Real time tracking of results

Real time statistics of who and when an email was opened and the number of clicks that a link received will aide in the analysis of how well the email marketing service was effective. The complete email campaign statistics such as

• Email Opens
• Bounces
• Link clicks
• Unsubscribes

It is necessary that you opt for a email marketing service in India which is reputed for their service and conversion rates. Tagsen is your one stop destination for all your email marketing requirement needs. The reviews and testimonials left behind for Tagsen indeed show how we stand out from the competition.

Email advertising process

Planning and Analysing

For starters, defining a target audience and the pitch of the text, you want your email to contain. Enticing first liners are crucial for the readers to be attracted to read further. Email marketing is not an easy task; often, people in business have fallen off-track. So, keep in mind what global milestones are to be reached.

Set-up Database

Not only knowing the name and email address is enough; observing the search interests and browsing patterns also helps in understanding what customers should be targeted. Once you know what target audience you wish to focus your marketing on, start gathering the contact information and create a personalized database for instant execution.

Shoot Emails

Sending an email in routine communication is not a challenge, but to market, an email must be assembled individually for different groups of customers. When emails are constructed appropriately for each group, shooting emails first to a trial ID and then if are deliverable, should be sent to prospective customers.

Though Emailing may sound easy; it is not. You require permission for your email to reach them; otherwise, it will go straight to the spam folder, and your purpose won't be served. To overcome this challenge, a valid database is a must. Here comes our part. You must select us for any advertising and marketing services because we are a longstanding source in the sector with full leads on the customer base. See the following features to eliminate your questions as to how to pick the right marketer for your business.

Tagsen is the most respected and fastest developed Indian online marketing service provider. We have reliable and cost-efficient marketing services. We will always remain here to discuss your needs and ensure the value of your business.

Following are the reasons our customers prefer working with us:

Must have components of an email marketing service

• Engaging subject lines

You need to avoid generic, over-the-top subject lines which will easily distract the attention of the audience. Keep them short and to the point so that the basic idea will be received within a single glance.

• Personalisation

Personalised email will bring much more trust to the customer and also in the mind of the readers. A simple address to the customer by their name will make the email much more engaging and convertible.

• Database Segmentation

Email marketing is an activity that focuses on the recipients. A thorough understanding about the audience is required for the email marketing service to be effective and Tagsen is known to be one of the best email marketing services in India.

• Mobile device compatibility

The email marketing service will ensure that the email is compatible over all devices as about 80% of all internet users are mobile phone users. Having this compatibility will make sure that the email campaign will have a greater reach and accessibility over the internet users.

Email Marketing Package

No minimum costs, no hidden fees. With Tagsen, you can choose a package that's best for you.

Starter package is of Rs. 5,000 which will provide you 10,000 emails, a web portal and will be valid for one month. 

Standard package is for Rs. 20,000 which will provide 50,000 emails, a web portal, an email scheduler, an email report system and will be valid for 6 months.

Extreme package is for Rs. 30,000 and will provide 1,00,000 emails, a web portal, an email scheduling system, an email report system, a HTML template and will be valid for a period of 6 months. 



Email starter package

  • Email : 10,000

  • Web Portal : Yes
  • Validity : 1 Month



  • Email : 50,000

  • Web Portal : Yes
  • Email Scheduler : Yes
  • Report : Yes
  • Validity : 6 Month



  • Email : 1,00,000

  • Web Portal : Yes
  • Email Scheduler : Yes
  • Report : Yes
  • HTML Template : Yes
  • Validity : 6 Month

Frequently Asked questions

Email marketing is the most preferred strategy of digital marketing that facilitates businesses to reach to customers regularly.

Tagsen is the leading email marketing company that offers excellent quality services at incredibly cost-effective prices. We have a well-expert team that guarantees customer satisfaction.

When you're not sure of the importance of qualified Web development services, there are many factors to take into account. For starters, your conversion levels, competitiveness, and search ranking may indeed be improved. All outcomes will affect your profit, market share, and growth directly and positively.

  • Optimize your user experience
  • Be on customer's email list regularly
  • Better conversion
  • Cost-effective and credible
  • Enhance your digital marketing strategy

Book your order, pick your package and tell us what it takes to complete your innovative desire in brief. Interact with experts for suggestions and inspiring ideas and a customized email marketing strategy feasible to you and your customers.

No, definitely not. You obtain all services without paying any concealed or extra charge, as specified in the package kit.

Email marketing will surely increase the sales, this also simulates the audience to engage with your service or content making them invest their money in your brand or product.

You should definitely not buy any email subscribers list, as you might get many email accounts that have no interest in your brand or product. It is always better to build a subscribers list of interested clients so that the email marketing campaign is much more effective.

It is recommended to always have a one-month frequency for the sending of emails as you do not want the subscriber to think of you as a nuisance. This will affect your customer loyalty substantially. Email frequency differs for different industries and therefore it is required that you keep testing until you get the best frequency.

There are many good practices for a successful email marketing practice:
• Build a legitimate list of contacts and subscribers
• Create good quality content
• Email consistently with good content and valuable attention-grabbing tag lines
• Be sure to ask for the sale as everything needs to be focused on converting the click to a sale.

Google will look into the bounce rate and the dwell rate, so if you have a good amount of legitimate email subscribers it will definitely help you rank higher in the search rankings. Having good traffic to the company website will enable the website to rank higher in the search engine. So, yes it does help with SEO.

Email Marketing is indeed a very important method of advertisement. If used correctly it can be utilised to improve your business or brand to a very high level. But this can be attained only if you get a good email marketing service provider. Tagsen, is one of the best email marketing services in India which is reputed for their enhancement of brands and businesses through their email marketing services. Tagsen will indulge in various functions through their years of expertise in the business to enhance marketability of the brand or business which will enable increased sales and lead generation.